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Media Vision introduces our NEWEST Arena Game...

A two Team multi player interactive Treasure Hunt game played inside a Glow-In-The-Dark Arena custom themed using our propriority Fluroescent Ink large format printing process.

10 Levels of Game Play plus Bonus Prizes.

Scanner Hardware and Charging Stations.

Touchscreen TV/Computer
and Game Software.

Arena and Puzzle Game Props.

Operator controls how game is played.

Glow-In-The-Dark Fully Themed Arena of your choice.

Game Briefing Video and Arena Background Music.

Combine Scanner Treasure Hunt into
other Game Arenas.

Scale to fit any facility. Can be built in an Arena environment or used in smaller Party Room spaces.

Fun for All Ages


Scanner Treasure Hunt is played inside your Glow-In-The-Dark arena from a state of the art touchscreen TV screen where players access the Scanner Treasure Hunt interface featuring dynamic graphics and sound effects.
The Scanner Treasure Hunt Admin Section. Set it once and forget it!

On the WELCOME screen you can ENTER the game or the operator can access the administration section.

In the ADMIN section the operator has a Passcode to give them access to set the parameters of the game.

The operator can set the length of the game from the keypad and choose how many items need to be found.

The operator can change the message on the player scorecard by pressing GO on the admin screen.


After pressing ENTER you go to the register screen. Each player will
"scan-in" in 2 steps.

Players ACTIVATE their Scanner and then REGISTER their player name that will appear on the list above.

Press START to confirm everyone is registered. You will also see your
game time. Press PLAY to begin...

On each level of game play the computer will give the players on each team six random treasures to find. Every game will feature a new combination of items.

Under the countdown clock and above the team names the players will be told how many items they need to find on the list to advance to the next level.

Once a player has found their treasure they SCAN IT and then return to the main screen to DOWNLOAD it and score points for their team.

Players need to scan only the items on their list.
Scan a wrong item and you will lose $100 points for your team.

If players think they have scaned a wrong item and don't want to risk downloading it and losing points for their team they can CLEAR their scanner at the Cleaning Station.

Scanner Treasure Hunt Features 10 Levels of Game Play Plus Bonus Games

When searching in your Glow-In-The-Dark arena players can be on the look out for Bonus Treasures.

These could be concealed behind a hidden door, secret pushout panel or be in a locked box that they can only open by solving an additional clue or puzzle.

Players "Take A Chance" by scanning these Bonus Treasures because the game
chooses these items at random for every new game played.
Players won't know if the Bonus Treasure is
until they try to scan it.

To keep the game even fresher, the operator has the option of moving the Bonus Treasures around to different hiding places.

Media Vision can provide you with numerous arena props to hide your Bonus Treasures from hidden doors to locked boxes and combination safes with puzzles and clues required to open and unlock them.

Add an extra element of fun and excitement to your Scanner Treasure Hunt Arena or Party Room!

The team with the highest score wins the game.

Players will get a souvenir print out "cheque" at the end of the game that shows . . .

If the operator wishes these "cheques" can be used like tokens in their prize redemption center.




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